Action Plan:

Fighting Bill 132 and Breed Specific Legislation

Our breed is in serious danger. Not because there is any evidence that it is inherently dangerous, but simply because lazy politicians in Ontario were more interested in grabbing quick votes. Experts were ignored and the Ontario public have been deceived. (Read What is Wrong with Breed Specific Legislation? for a short summary of why Bill 132 will not increase public safety around dogs.)

We have developed an action plan to help those who are affected. Please read it carefully, as we need help from everyone who opposes the concept of breed specific bans.

Action Plan (please distribute)

Other important actions we would ask you to take...

Bill 132 has passed. It has received Royal Assent and will become law on August 29, 2005. So, what now? We have put together an action plan that each person who owns a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) or who opposes this law should follow.

  1. Stay informed. Visit the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada (SBTCC) website regularly.

  2. Join our club. If you own a SBT please join our club. You can also contact Belle Campeau, Club Secretary, to join.

  3. Contact your MPP. You must contact your MPP to let them know that you oppose this law and that or he or she will hear your voice in the next election in 2007.

  4. Understand the law. It is important for all affected dog owners to read the text of the Dog Owner Liability Act (as amended by Bill 132) and the associated Regulations.

Most importantly, we need for you to be an ongoing advocate.
Speak with local kennel clubs, obedience clubs and other dog clubs in your area. Speak with your veterinarian and other canine health professionals. Speak with your local animal control officers, SPCA and Humane Society.

Make contact with other dog owners in your area.

This law will affect all dog owners. If you have a dog that even looks like a "pit bull" according to the definition in the law you will be affected. If your dog is a cross, you will not be able to prove your dog is not a "pit bull" and you will be guilty until you prove yourself innocent. It is up to you to prove your dog is not a "pit bull".

If you have a dog of any breed and your dog exhibits "menacing" behaviour (this is not defined in the bill) police will have the power to enter your home without a warrant and take your dog. Your dog will then be destroyed or sold to a research facility. You need to build up networks among dog owners and those interested in dogs and responsible ownership.

Donate. We need to raise $250,000 for our legal challenge, an aggressive target to say the least. Please support us by making a donation to our Legal Defense Fund. (click here to donate)

Write letters. Writing a letter to the editor may seem like a daunting task. We had freelance journalist Eric Sparling put together an article on how you can write an effective letter to the editor.

Stay active. We need everyone to stay on top of the news and help us keep this issue alive over the coming year. Every time there is something that makes this bill look ridiculous call your MPP, write your local paper and ask everyone you know to do the same.

Vote in 2007. One of the most important ways you can express yourself in 2007 is to make sure you vote. Before being elected McGuinty promised to allow MPPs free votes on government bills like the proposed ban. This is another lie, as every vote on a government bill has been whipped, leaving MPPs no choice about how they can vote. McGuinty and Bryant quashed concerns of their own MPPs and forced this ban to pass.

Both the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party listened to their constituents and to the experts at the public hearings into Bill 132 and voted against the bill.

Banned Aid Coalition

The SBTCC is a proud member of the Banned Aid coalition.


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