Code Of Ethics


SBT Club of Canada members shall:

  • maintain the best possible standards of health care for their dogs. This includes all matters pertaining to the physical and mental well being of their dogs, including appropriate nutrition, shelter, health checks, immunization, training, and regular exercise.

  • both inside and outside of the home all dogs must be properly controlled. Staffords should never be allowed to roam unattended. Dogs must always walked on leads or have the appropriate training to maintain control at all times.

  • responsible ownership includes cleaning up after your dog in all public and private facilities.

  • all dogs must be identifiable in the form of tattoos or microchip implants. Collars with tags are necessary for dogs outside of their home.

  • if for whatever reason you find that you are unable to keep your dog, you should make every effort to find a suitable home and you must inform your breeder. Responsible breeders will make every effort to help you in this matter.

  • when the "quality of life" is no longer present in your dog a humane death by euthanasia will be performed by means of lethal injection administered by a qualified veterinarian.


As a responsible breeder:

  • I shall only breed to improve the breed according to the Breed Standard. All breeding that occurs should be done with the intention of the preservation and betterment of the breed.

  • I shall breed only from mature healthy dogs and bitches which are believed to be clear from painful hereditary faults and which are of sound Stafford temperament as defined in the Breed Standard. It is highly recommended that all breeding stock be tested for genetic faults before they are bred. Such tests should include, but are not limited to, PHPV/HC, OFA, CERF, and Brucellocious.

  • I shall conscientiously plan each litter. Bitches shall not be used for breeding before they are twelve months of age and with the understanding that it is more suitable to breed after eighteen months. Dogs shall not be used for stud prior to twelve months of age.

  • I shall not breed to bitches over eight years of age or from dogs that are over twelve years of age. Any bitch over six years of age shall be examined by a veterinarian to determine that she is healthy and fit to be bred.

  • Bitches who have had three litters or who have had two caesarian sections shall not be bred again. This bitch should then be spayed.

  • I will be satisfied as to the suitability of the breeding of any bitch to which my stud dog is mated and to the conditions under which the new litter will be reared.

  • I will not allow my purebred Stafford to be mated with any dog of a different breed or an unregistered dog of the same breed.

  • I will maintain the highest possible standard of canine health, cleanliness, and care for mother and puppies.

  • As a breeder, I will be committed to long term care of all puppies in instances where suitable homes are not readily available.

  • I will verify that purchasers of my puppies will be responsible owners who will provide safe, proper homes and care. I will maintain contact with the owners throughout the life of the dog so that I am aware of any changes in its home or health.

  • I will be responsible for the health (genetic defects) of all puppies sold for the first two years of his/her life.

  • It is recommended that all puppies going to pet homes be spayed or neutered.

  • No puppy shall go to its new owners prior to 8 weeks of age.

  • Puppies or older stock shall not be sold to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet outlets, research facilities nor will I allow my Stafford to be given as a prize in any contest of any kind. No breeding shall be done for commercial gain.

  • All puppies sold will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and accompanied by a copy of the Breed Standard, an accurate three-generation pedigree, a copy of the Code of Ethics. These puppies shall be in good health and shall have received their first vaccinations. All health records and instructions for feeding and care shall be given to the new owners.

  • New owners shall be introduced to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada and it is recommended that breeders sponsor them in membership for the first year.

  • I will keep suitable records of all breeding, sales, pedigrees and registrations.


  • I will comply with the Breed Standard where applicable in all matters relating to the breed and remember that we are the person(s) responsible for the welfare and future of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Canada.
  • I will comply with the bylaws of the Canadian Kennel Club, where they apply to my Stafford, and me and my dealings with said governing body in all matters under their jurisdiction.
  • I shall never, under any circumstances, condone, support, or ignore the practice of pitting a dog against any other animal in a fight for pleasure or profit. Information regarding this type of abuse to animals shall be reported to the appropriate humane authorities and to the police.
  • As a Stafford owner I shall stay abreast of all current Provincial and Municipal laws and legislation related to dogs. My awareness can help the prevention of Breed Specific Laws. I will take the time to educate the public regarding the breed and exhibit tolerant and courteous behaviour.
  • When participating in competitions, I will refrain from the use of vicious, disparaging, false, and misleading statements about judges, fellow competitors, and other Stafford owners and their dogs. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dogs in general and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in particular.


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