Political Action

Breed Specific Legislation

The issue of vicious dogs has received widespread attention causing many municipalities to consider supplementing or replacing animal control laws.

In the rush to enact legislation, the fact that any vicious/dangerous dog must be controlled is often forgotten. Laws are being proposed that apply only to individual breeds, or discriminatory laws governing the ownership of dogs. the Club recognizes the dangers of poorly put together legislation and has put together a ‘package’ which not only helps people fight breed specific legislation, but has suggestions which will help legislation create fair and easily implemented laws.

The Club believes that unfair legislation affects all dog owners. Therefore, we are willing to help anyone fight breed specific legislation regardless of the breed of dog.

The Club believes that responsible ownership is the way to go. It is very important to make municipalities understand that. As long as owners understand that they are being held responsible for their dog’s actions, then they are far less likely to allow their dogs to roam unattended.

We, as Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners, act as responsible dog owners. It is up to us as responsible dog owners to help others by fighting for fair and effective legislation wherever it is needed.

We suggest that before you purchase a dog, you check out your local municipality laws so that you know what laws there are already in place. We also suggest that you keep an eye out for proposed changes in your local laws so that you know when action is needed to be taken. If you think that action will be needed, do not hesitate to contact the Political Action Committee.

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