Squibs Mercier, SBTCC founder and Honorary Life Vice-President

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I think I was born a Stafford. For as long as I can remember, Staffords have been a part of my life. I know that I think like them and can be extremely stubborn (must be our English breeding). On occasion, I've been told I have the same gleam in my eyes if I'm provoked and need to fight for some rightful cause. I've brought my children up on the Stafford motto, "NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT" and realize I was brought up on it also. My dear Cockney father's interpretation was "don't muck me around or you won't artf get it".

This meant that you go through life not hurting anyone, but never let anyone push you around. Stand strong on your principles and you will gain respect from all, a true Stafford characteristic. As a child, my best memories were visiting The Looe Estate of Tom Walls, who was a notable film star and racehorse owner. Naturally, he had Staffs who would meet us at the gate and pile into Dad's car for a short drive to the stables. These thoroughbreds, and Derby winner "April the Fifth", and Staffords were buddies, and on several occasions, the horse would not go in the horsebox until the Staff went in first. So, many Staffs went to the races along with my dad and I. What a treat it was! And an education not found in the classroom, but knowledge that inspires me even today."

At this time, Staffords were not recognized by the Kennel Club, but they were recognized by my family and by Tom Walls who helped to promote them by having them in his films. "Buller" was his own star. When the breed became registered with the Kennel Club and the Southern County Stafford Bull Terrier Club was formed, Tom Walls became its first President and lifetime supporter.

Through the years I have drawn strength and courage from this loyal breed. It has been the greatest heritage my Father could have given me: the love and devotion of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to walk beside me all the days of my life. The dog show hobby came later. It is an important part of promoting the breed. I will always show my Staffs in the authentic collar and will not change to a nylon cord just to please the whim of some judge. Regardless if I win or loose, my Staffs will be attired in their true original collars.

Looking back over the space of time, I really have nothing spectacular to claim. I'm not an expert in the breed, nor am I a judge, but I do have a good eye to recognize a good Stafford. I have a keen interest in helping all Stafford fanciers and I am dedicated to all that benefits the breed. Some time ago I was interviewed for an article on my life and ardent philosophy involving Staffs. This was published in the Dogs In Canada magazine. I remember the last question vividly , "How would I like to be remembered?" I quickly responded, "As a bloody good bitch, Stafford Bitch of course!"

By Squibs Mercier

Squibs Mercier is a Life Member of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada. She is a Founding Member, Honorary Vice President, and has served as Ontario Director. Squibs is a mentor to many Stafford owners and fanciers. Hospitality at her home, The Staffordshire Arms, in Ottawa, Ontario, is legendary among Stafford lovers all over the world. All who know her know that she is indeed a true Stafford...honest, loyal, smart, and brave.



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